A Conscript soldier


An Infantry soldier


A Panzergrenadier soldier


A Fallschirmj¿ger soldier

Your German Enemies get harder throughout the game. Here is a list of the types of enemies.

Conscripts Edit

German military conscripts are the main enemy force in Normandy and other regions of occupied France. These minimally trained German troops are expected to fight from behind concrete fortifications and to gain time for the infantry and mobile troops to arrive and repel an invading force. During its conquest of Europe, Germany has conscripted "volunteers" from France, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Asian Russia, North Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and even India.

These conscripts form the Ost (East) battalions and have been sent to guardthe western front in Europe to free better-trained German troops for the fights against the Soviets. Despite their low status, however, these troops can inflict severe causalities on invading Allied forces.


The troops of the German 91st Infantry Division are steady, well-trained, ferocious defenders. Each nine-man squad includes an NCO, a five-man rifle element, and a three-man light machine gun team. At the squad level, teams focus on the MG42 machine gun section. The NCO is also often armed with an MP40 machine pistol. Better trained than conscripts, these soldiers form the core of the German infantry forces in occupied France.


The Panzergrenadiers units are highly trained mechanized infantry soldiers who work closely with German tanks. The successful military record of the Panzer divisions is due to their ability to combine the actions of infantry, armor, and artillery into a combined fighting force. The Panzergrenadiers provide close support for the German tank divisions. These soldiers have the most firepower and greatest mobility of any German force in Normandy.


The 6th Parachute Regiment and 3rd Parachute Division (Fallschirmjäger) are the most elite infantry the Germans have in Normandy, and are armed with the newest and best weapons in the German army. A parachute infantry squad consists of 11 men, with three squads per platoon. The Fallschirmjäger squad is similar to the standard German infantry, but with two extra men who carry a second light machine gun. They also utilize armored elements such as tanks, assault guns, and anti-tank guns.

Enemy WeaponsEdit

(From the RTH30 Manual.) "At the present time, there is little information available regarding German infantry weapons. It is known that the forces occupying Normandy have access to several types of pistols, sub-machine guns, rifles and anti-personnel/anti-armour explosive devices, but the exact details of those weapons is currently unknown."

IMG 0002

A Picture of the German weapons from the game manual

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