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For simple alphabetical listings, see Category:Vehicles

This is a listing of vehicles encountered throughout the Brothers in Arms series.

United States VehiclesEdit


  • M4 Sherman Tank - Medium Tank armed with a main, 75 mm cannon.
  • M5 Stuart Tank - Light Tank armed with a main, 37 mm cannon
  • M10 Wolverine - Tank Destroyer usually armed with a main, 76.2 mm cannon
  • Firefly- A Sherman tank armed with a larger 76.2 mm cannon



  • Jeep - all-purpose personnel vehicle.

German VehiclesEdit


  • Panzer IV - Medium tank usually armed with a 75 mm cannon.
  • Panther - Medium to heavy tank armed with a 75 mm cannon
  • Stug III - Tank Destroyer armed with a 75 mm cannon.



  • Flakpanzer - Using a Panzer III or Panzer IV chassis, this armored vehicle was usually equiped with multiple 20 mm or 37 mm rapid fire cannons for use in gound defense against aircraft.
  • Opel Blitz - all-purpose personnel/cargo truck.
  • Kübelwagen - all-purpose personnel vehicle.

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