June 5 1944 (D-1)Edit

Sgt. Risner hands over a Colt 1911 to Sgt. Baker while the 101st prepare for the comming droppings.

June 6 1944 (D+0)Edit

  • From 0115: The C47 Skytrain carrying Third Squad and Plt. Sgt. Greg Hassay is hit by a FLaK. Pvt. David Muzza is killed on impact and Sgt. Matt Baker is thrown out of the plane. The other paratroopers desperately drop from the burning glider.[1]
    • Cpl. Hartsock is saved from a German soldier by a member of the 82nd Airborne Division - Cpl. Seamus Doyle. The two help Lt. Col. Cassidy take a farmhouse.
    • Sgt. Baker is also lost, but manages to find Plt. Sgt. Hassey and Pvt. Leggett outisde a french village.
    • Pvt. Johnny Rivas lands on top of Cpl. Dale McCreary.
  • From 0700: Hassey; Leggett and Baker find Hartsock; Allen and Garnett not far from Utah Beach.[2]
  • 1015: Sgt. Baker and Cpl. Hartsock take part in the "XYZ objective" of Mission Albany: The capture of a barracks in Mésières.[3]

June 7 1944 (D+1)Edit

  • After 1830: Third Squad and Risner head up the road to Saint Côme-du-Mont as part of "Mission Albany". At a crossroads, Risner is killed by German troops. His corpse and damaged tank christen the junction as "dead man's corner".[6]

June 8 1944 (D+2)Edit

  • After 0550: Third Squad begins to drive the Germans out of Saint Côme-du-Mont.[7]
  • After 1200: Saint Côme-du-Mont is finally won by the allies.[8]


September 22Edit

During exceptionally high German shelling, SSG. Joseph Hartsock is rendered parapalegic; Cpl. Dean Winchell is killed.[9]

September 27Edit

SSGT. Baker is informed by Dr. Gideon of Hartsock's condition. He is chosen as the man who should inform Hartsock, being a close friend.

Timeline Of 3rd Platoons DeathsEdit

Rendezvous with Destiny-Muzza & Bixby's Death

Buying the Farm-Allen & Garnett's Death

Purple Heart Lane-Rivas & Desola's Death

Tom and Jerry-Obrieski's Death

No Better Spot to Die-Legget's Death

All Americans-Paige & Doyle's Death

Baptism of Fire-Marsh's Death

The Rabbit Hole-Franky's Death

Black Friday-Friar's Death



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