M1928 Thompson submachinegun



The Thompson M1928 is a US Sub-Mchine Gun first introduced into the Brothers in Arms Series in Hell Highway. It very much differs from the more common M1A1 (which you use in the early stage of the game, and the previous games), being that it has a vertical grip, it accepts drum magazines and sounds completely different, despite firing the same cailber.

The M1A1 model has a rate of fire of 700 rpm, the M1928 model build for Navy and Marine use has 650 rpm. In hell's highway, you can hear the difference between the fire sound made by M1A1 and M1928 model due to the difference of rate of fire. The weapon should serve you well throughout the game.

Its drum magazine carries 50 rounds, so you will have 1000 rounds (20 magazines) in reserve, which is easily the largest capacity in game.

Tactics and useEdit

  • Best used in close quarters combat to clear rooms rapidly, or at medium ranges to suppress the enemy in groups behind cover, it is best fired in bursts of 5-10 rounds for best accuracy-with-suppression. Despite it has more than 1000 rounds for you to use, the ammo can be depleted if you fire it like a heavy machine gun all the time, even more so, after firing the 11th shot the gun will be very in accurate, so it's advised to fire in bursts, incuding suppression fire.
  • The M1928 Thompson is excellent for suppression, you should use it on the enemy while moving your teams, though not effective against MG team, the Thompson can suppress other type of enemy teams.


  • Though this is an American weapon, in Hell's Highway no one else but Baker has this weapon and it was given by a Commonwealth tank commander in XXX Corps
  • The Thompson and its many variants were issued to the British/French/Australian/Filipino and Soviet armies in large numbers at the beginning of the war by the U.S. as part of the Lend-Lease Program.
  • The Thompson M1928 in-game is actually slightly inaccurate, being that it is a mix of an M1927 and an M1928. It has the high rear sight, square charging handle and stock of an M1927 Thompson semi-auto Carbine, whilst having the shorter barrel and full-auto firing capability of the M1928 Thompson Sub-machine Gun.