Corporal Thomas Mitchell is briefly seen in Road to Hill 30.

Road to Hill 30 Edit

He is seen at the beginning of the game hanging in the tree where Baker killed his first Germans. He was the only one out of his plane. His plane is seen exploding in Hell's Highway in the movie "Previously in Brothers in Arms".


He flew down in his parachute and lands in a tree; the parachute snares him and crushes his windpipe, thus effectively suffocating Mitchell to death before some Germans discover his hanging corpse; as the 2 Germans discuss about what killed him, Baker and Mac arrive, and they kill the Germans; they are the 1st Germans that Baker killed.

Trivia Edit

  • If you shoot him, his body will get pushed around, realistically; the way his body moves around depends on where and how you shoot him.
  • He was supposed to be a Template character, but uses Desola's early face texture.
  • He is one of three known characters killed on D-Day, along with Muzza and Bixby.