The Rabbit Hole

Game:Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Previous mission:Baptism of Fire
Next mission:Black Friday
Date:September 20, 1944
Location:Northeastern Eindhoven, Holland
Objective(s):Find Franky

Searching for FrankyEdit

You start the mission with a M1911 pistol outside a hospital alone without teammates. The first thing you do is find a good place to take cover like a shed or some sort to the right of the spawning point. Then you kill the german patrol troops, after that you should pick up a MP40 and enter the hospital. There you go looking for Franky, killing germans in the way. When you find him, a brief cutscene plays before he runs away again. You continue to chase him deeper into the hospital, only to find him badly injured sitting next to a radiator. A cutscene then starts, which is where the prologue started, except this time it actually shows Franky's face as he bleeds to death. You then meet Red and escape the hospital.

After Franky's DeathEdit

After the cutscene, Hartsock and Baker make their way through the hospital, mostly the way Baker came, except for some parts that are different. You end up back at the amphitheatre where you first caught up with Franky. It is then when a bomb smashes through the window, almost killing Baker. He then hallucinates three germans come over to him and one aim his Walther P38 at him, and Baker points the Death Pistol at him. The camera flicks to Hartsock run in to see Baker firing at nothing. Hartsock tells Baker There's...No-one there Matt....

Brothers in arms

Searching for Franky

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