Brothers in Arms Hell's HighwayEdit

Brothers in arms has many of actual situations back in Operation MARKET GARDEN in 1944. It is key that you know your area and enemy locations on that mission. One good way of doing that is to find a good source of cover and look at the enemies and positions. Once you have done that you can move one of your teams either one which will do the most effect on them. Youcannoy launch a assault on the enemies. Another hard thing that people have trouble on is the German 88s in the streets. When you encounter one of these there are a couple of ways you can do it. Usually the game designers will but an alternate route around it. There ar flanking routes in the streets and alleys that you can take to fool the enemy. But when you are doing this you must leave at least one or more squadrons to keep them busy so that they don't notice you and your team. MGs or MG42 are always a hazard no matter which game your a playing. So on this missions here there are MGs you must take evasive actions in case you are are stuck in the middle. Sometimes you might have a Bazooka Team that you can blow it up with. But other times it might be you and a Assault Team. First keep a squadron out in a place that can not be destroyed and the MGs can see. Next make your way to a flanking position and aim up your shot and fire. Bazookas or Panzershrek (A German name for Bazooka) can be a problem also. Even in a Tank it can still be a problem. they have dead on accuracy and can shot from far distances or short distances. You need to first find them and set up a team to supress them so you can find yet another flankking route. Once you have found them take them out and make your way throught the rest of the mission. This was part one of Tactical Advantages on Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway.

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