Mac Has Survived All BIA Games

Throughout the series the number of surviving characters has grown somewhat short with the first level of Road To Hill 30 having many soldiers and the ending scene of Hell's Highway only having a few remaining soldiers.


Cassidy was only seen in Earned In Blood and always sent 2nd squad on different missions to do and didn't play an especially big role even in that game but he had survived as he is in the end of Earned In Blood and is not seen in the other games.

Dale McCrearyEdit

McCreary is a member of 3rd squad. He barely gets any lines in Road To Hill 30 and is only seen briefly in Earned In Blood but in Hell's Highway he plays a bigger role and is especially careful of the germans and is very protective of himself, most likely being the reason he's still one of the surviving characters.

Derrick McConnelEdit

He is never seen in Road To Hill 30 but plays a decent role in Earned In Blood as a big part of 2nd squad and is Paige's only friend. He is good friends with just about everybody in 2nd squad and when he hears Paige has been killed he keeps a low profile and is so unnoticed he is not even seen in Hell's Highway but mentioned in the level Tooth And Nail meaning he has survived Operation Market Garden.

Dwight EisenhowerEdit

He is never seen or heard in any of the BIA games but he is mentioned a few times and is in command of the allies and is one of the never seen surviving characters.

Franklin PaddockEdit

Paddock is a very tough as nails guy and is never heard or seen in Road To Hill 30 but plays a huge role in Earned In Blood as Paddock and Doyle are Hartsock's main men in 2nd squad. Then when Doyle is killed and later in Hell's Highway when Hartsock was paralyzed, Paddock was recommened to take over 2nd squad. He was given muliple lines in the 2nd and 3rd Brothers In Arms games and is in charge of 2nd squad currently.

Garry JasperEdit

Jasper is one of the new recruits and joins 3rd squad after Operation Overlord and goes into Holland with them. He only talks when they first meet Nicholaas his other lines are very short except when he talks with Roseli. His best friend is Connor and he survives Hell's Highway.


Gideon is the medic that is first seen sitting against the truck holding Cole's dead body. He is very upset about Robert Cole's death and is even more upset talking to Baker telling him that Hartsock is paralyzed. He was seen in the last cut scene of Hell's Highway and had survived.

Greg HassayEdit

Hassay is seen is all three BIA games. He plays a huge roll in Road To Hill 30 as he tells Baker his mission and Baker would order his men around. Hassay is the most talented one there as he's served in D-Day, Operation Market Garden and even before the war as a good friend to Baker's father. In Earned in Blood, he is only seen in one mission where he is shot and wounded in the chest. In Hell's Highway he is never seen in action just at cut scenes with Baker although he tells a story of how Robert Cole died.

Henry RedwoodEdit

Redwood is the tank commander that the player can take control of in three missions in Hell's Highway. At the end of the level Hell's Highway he is the one that destroyed all German tanks and is never wounded once. He has an Irish accent and is part of 30 Corps.

Jack CourtlandEdit

Courtland is the only one that's nice to LaRoche all the time throughout Hell's Highway and plays a fairly large role and is always loyal to Baker throughout the game. In Road To Hill 30 he is McCreary's best friend but in Hell's Highway McCreary is always walking around with Zanovich. He is barely seen in Earned In Blood.

Jacob CampbellEdit

He was not seen in RTH30 but is seen alot in Earned In Blood and is good friends with Doyle and Marsh. When Doyle dies with Paige, Campbell is as upset as Red is. He does not get that many lines in Hell's Highway and is the only one to see Marsh die. He is extremely upset about that. He dislikes Paddock and the mortar bomb that hurts Baker, paralyzes Hartsock, kills Friar also makes him lose his voice. It is unknown if this is the end of his story or if he will be in the next BIA game.

James RoselliEdit

Roselli is only seen in Hell's Highway as a replacement for Red's 2nd squad. He is merely just one of the soldiers in the squad and only talks when he has a small little chat with Jasper. He was also available to command in the final mission, Tooth and Nails.

Joseph "Red" HartsockEdit

Hartsock is also one of the main protagonists in the Brothers in Arms series. In Road To Hill 30, Hartsock was under Baker command and he leads the Fire Team. Toward the end of the game, the entire fire team is killed except for him and Zanovich. He is promoted to 2nd Squad and Zanovich is the only member of the fire Team in Hell's Highway that fought in Normandy. Hartsock is paralyzed at the end of Hell's Highway and is being sent home but has survived his wounds.

Matthew BakerEdit

Baker is the main character in the first and 3rd Brothers In Arms games. In Road To Hill 30, it was shown that he cared about his men and was visibly upset by the deaths of all his men and all the soldiers. In Earned In Blood, he appears in muliple levels and he can be seen giving orders to Hartsock. In Hell's Highway, Baker is currently suffering from PTSD as he kept regretting for getting his men killed in Normandy and begin seeing the dead soldiers. He is also the owner of the infamous, "Curse Pistol" which was given by his father. In the end of Hell's Highway, Baker gave an inspiring speech and said, "It's just a goddamn gun!" before throwing his pistol at a field to show that the supersition is not real. Baker is one of the few that knows the death of Allen and Garnett and told the squad in the mission, "Those We Lost" which angered Corrion. It is unknown of the relationship between Baker and his squad. He will be playable for the final Brothers in Arms game.

Mike DawsonEdit

Mike Dawson is the one of the replacements for Baker's squad and he is the only English soldier that os serving with them. He was formerly part of the pathfinders for the regiment until he was transferred to a rifle company. He is good friends with Nathan Holden and it is said that while in Carentan, he talked to Legget and discovered the secrets about Allen & Garnett. He is very reliable and showed that he cared for others as its shown when he went against a British soldier who took Franky's jacket after he died. Dawson believed that Baker's pistol is curse and went around asking the guys about it. Dawson is the one who pressured Baker into telling the others about Allen and Gernett deaths.

S.L.A MarshallEdit

Although Marshall is never seen in the war just interviewing Hartsock he plays big role in Earned In Blood asking Hartsock all about his journey from D-Day, Purple Heart Lane, Hill 30 and more.

Samuel CorrionEdit

Corrion plays a big role in the 1st and 3rd games. He leads Assault Team in RTH30 and is great friends with Baker and is the only one who stands up for Legget when Allen & Garnett are killed. In Hell's Highway, he is shot when he went to check the in other jeeps during a ambush. He was turned down from promotions at least three times and by the time Baker chose Paddock over him to lead 2nd squad, it went ontop of his past anger making him hate Baker but Baker made it clear that it was Corrion fault for getting Franky killed. After Baker's speech, he wasn't angry with him but still seemed to dislike him for what he'd done. It is unknown if Corrion will be in BIA4.

Thomas ZanovichEdit

Zanovich is one of the oldest soldiers in the squad. He was part of the Fire team and carried the BAR machine gun. It was shown that he participated in the evcuation of Dunkirk in 1940 and served in the French Forgien Legion before serving in the American Army. Zanovich is friends Obriski until he was killed in "Tom and Jerry."

After Hartsock was promoted in the end of Road to Hill 30, Zanovich took over command of the Fire Team and lead them in Hell's Highway. He was a very caring person and asked Baker is Hartsock was alright. Zanovich is a very tough soldier, and can still be tough towards the new recruits.

Timothy Connor Edit

Connor plays a small role in BIA3 as one of the new recruits and only has some lines at the begginning of the game. He is Jasper's assistent for both MG and Bazooka team.