Private First Class Simon Walton was a member of Cole's squad.

Hell's HighwayEdit

He is seen on the cutscene where Cole dies. He is the man kneeling on the ground coughing up blood. He is always seen with Cole and 1st Squad so he is most likely a soldier from 1st Squad. He died with Doran and Cole in the first Bad News.


In the scene First Bad News Cole is first seen yelling at Doran to keep yelling at the people on the radio to give them backup and to keep his head down. A few seconds later the radio people still aren't hearing him and Cole again tells him to keep his head down and a mortar blows him to death. Cole then does the job himself and gets sniped in the head. Next to Cole and Doran is Kingsley and Walton. Walton is coffing up blood and Kingsley is holding rushing blood from a bullet wound and they both fall dead beside eachother.


  • He is one of 7 known characters to die in Operation Market Garden.

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