A scout team was a team of people that Baker was supposed to have under his command in Normandy. In the bonus video Nine Days Earlier you can talk to Rivas and Muzza unlike ever before and speak to them as they were supposed to be the Scout Team. While jumping into Normandy on D-Day Muzza is hit with flak and killed. You don't link up with Rivas until later when you head into Purple Heart Lane where he is soon shot and killed by a sniper

Scout Team RumorsEdit

There are many rumors about the Scout Team coming.

  • In Earned In Blood there will be a scout team because it is 2nd Squad (proved false)
  • In Hell's Highway there should be a Scout Team as 3rd Squad will be receiving reinforcements (proved false)
  • In Brothers In Arms: War Heroes there will be a scout team as they'll be needing it in Battle Of The Bulge. (Unknown)

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