Nickname Lieutenant
Place of birth United States
Place of death Unknown
Allegiance USA
Service/branch United States Army
Years of service  ????-1945 (Wounded in Action)
Rank Lieutenant
Unit 101st Airborne

Roberts Edit

Lieutenant Roberts is a character in Brothers in Arms: DS. The Paratrooper is assigned to Roberts' squad during an assault on a heavily fortified German hill.

Brothers in Arms DSEdit

Belgium Edit

Roberts and his squad requested assistance from soldiers to flank German bunkers during the hill assault. The CO of the mission assigned the Paratrooper and a few other soldiers to assist Roberts with flanking the bunkers. During the mission, Roberts and his squad came across a bridge. Being the fastest way of getting around enemy fire, Roberts and his men attempted to secure the bridge. As Roberts approached the bridge to check for enemy forces, he noticed a German Panzer Tank ready to fire at his men. Roberts ordered the Paratrooper to eliminate the tank, but while doing so, he was injured by the tank's machine gun fire. The squad decided to stay with the injured Roberts while being pinned down by enemy fire from across the bridge. The Paratrooper was reassigned to another squad while the remaining soldiers by the bridge tended to Roberts. The Paratrooper does not see Roberts and his squad for the rest of the mission, but it is assumed that Roberts survived the battle.

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