Rendroc's Warzone mod is a free, easy to download mod for the original BIA games, it includes many amazingly immersive mutators to the games such as up to 20 AI soldiers under your command on any given level, the ability to modify and choose your and your team's loadouts, the ability to alter your weapon's damage, recoil, rate of fire, accuracy, and suppression levels, also included are enhanced bullet impact and explosion effects, aswell as improved particle effects to the likes seen in Hollywood movies with increased volumes of smoke, dirt and blood for a much more realistic and gritty wartime combat experience that even modern FPS games have yet to achieve. Also the modification of the squad command system enabling your troops to throw smoke grenades, man MGs, pick up Bazookas/panzerfausts, use types of formations, stealth maneuvers and much much more! For the diehard BIA fans, this mod is an absolute must! These mutators can easily be selected and turned on and off at the player's discresion in the "mutators" menu, so you can play BIA as it was originally, or completely modded , and everything inbetween!

A still frame of the "Big Jack's Mob" mutator, one of the many mutators included in the Warzone mod

Download this incredible mod here for free, in this link you will find all you need to know about this mod, aswell as sound mods for your weapons, actually obtained at firing ranges for the most realistic battle experiences

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