Rendezvous with Destiny
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Game:Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
Previous mission:Hill 30
Next mission:Silence the Guns
Date:June 6, 1944, 0115
Location:Somewhere over Normandy
Objective(s):1) Get to the nearest crossroad.

2) Follow Mac's orders.


Baker's introductionEdit

I never asked to be squad leader, but I had no choice. Now I've got thirteen soldiers under my command. Thirteen men depending on me to make the right decisions and not get them killed. Thirteen families relying on me to bring their husbands and sons home. Thirteen. Thirteen is not a lucky number.


Baker starts to wake up. Mac is the first to get to his feet.

Mac: Stand up!

Baker and the others stand up.

Mac: Hook up!

Baker and the others hook up.

Mac: Check your equipment!

Each soldier checks his equipment.

Mac: Remember! This squad sticks together! Once you hit the ground, find Baker! Sound off!

Fourteen OK!

Thirteen OK!

Twelve OK!

The C-47 plane's right wing gets hit by Flak 88.

Hartsock: Corrion's hit!

Garnett: Let's get the hell out of here!

Allen: We gotta jump, Sarge!

Mac: We wait for the green light!

Allen: We wait any longer, there won't be a fucking green light!

Mac: Baker! Stand in the door!

Baker looks out and sees tracer bullets hitting other C-47s and paratroopers dropping from them.

Baker: I never asked to be squad leader.

A tracer bullet hits the left wing of the C-47, forcing Baker to jump. Baker parachute opens and sees his leg bag plummet to the ground. Less than a thirty seconds later, Baker lands on the branch of a tree and falls from it. Baker then goes to a nearby village, where he meets Mac.

Mac: Baker! Where the hell's all your gear?

Mac hands his pistol to Baker.

Mac: Shit. Take my .45 and shoot anything that's wearing grey.

Mac and Baker then go to a tree when two German troops are checking a dead paratrooper.

German soldier: Ich glaube, um den brauchen wir uns keine Sorgen mehr zu machen. (I think we don't have to worry.)

Another German: Ob da noch mehr von ihnen sind? (When there are more of them?)

Mac and Baker kill them both. Mac consults a map.

Mac: I'm trying to figure out where the hell we are.

He looks at the map a couple times and looks around. They reach a road.

Mac: I'll cross first. Cover me!

Mac then crosses the road, followed by Baker.

Leggett: Flash!

Mac: Thunder! Who's there?

Leggett: Oh shit. Mac and Baker! I thought I was lost!

Cole: Quiet! Keep your voice down or the whole goddamn German army while show up. They'll be plenty of time to reminisce later.

Mac: Anybody know where we are?

Legget: No idea.

Cole: I'll find out. Stay put.

Cole then goes to a nearby house.

Cole: Hello. Je suis American. (Hello. I am American)

French woman: S'il vous plaît, laissez-nous en paix. (Please leave us in peace.)

Cole: AMERICANS. What town is this?

French woman: S'il vous plaît, partez d'ici. (Please, leave.)

Cole: Any of y'all know French? I can't understand a goddamn word she's jabbering.

Leggett: I speak a bit, sir.

Cole: Then get your ass over here, son.

Leggett walks to the door.

Leggett: Pouvez-vous nous dire où nous sommes? (Can you tell us where we are?)

French woman: Juste au nord-est de Sainte Mère Eglise. (Just northeast of St. Mère Eglise.)

Leggett: She says we're just northeast of St. Mere Eglise.

Cole: Damnit. Well, we're headed in the wrong direction. I'm going to see if I can gather some more guys. Y'all head that way through the gate and link up with anyone else you find as you head east. Stay alive. That's an order.

Chapter ends

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