Private Reece Jameson was a paratrooper attached to the 101st Airborne Division during their 1944 drop into Normandy.

Appearance Edit

He's first seen at the missions Purple Heart Lane, then at Cole's Charge and lastly in No Better Spot to Die. He can be seen in Hill 30 trying to defend their position from the Germans with a .30 Cal Machine Gun.

He can be seen again in Earned In Blood as a generic character.

Death (Hill 30) Edit

When Baker returns with the 2nd Armored, there is a mangled, bloody corpse, against the machine gun, which is obviously him. Although he is alive and well in Hill 30 of Earned In Blood, so this could be a mapping error.

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 Trivia Edit

  • He is a template character, which explains why he was used a lot of times during the first two games, however he serves as Machinegunner of 4th Squad in Hill 30.