Push Into Carentan

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Game:Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
Previous mission:Ripe Pickings
Next mission:Tom and Jerry
Date:June 12, 1944
Location:Carentan, France
Objective(s):Wipe out any remaining Germans in the industrial area of Carentan.


Baker's introductionEdit

I've been staring at it for days, and the Krauts in that damn town on the horizon were staring back at us. We all knew that no matter how bad the fighting was, when we got to Carentan it would be worse. With only seven of us left, I'm trying not to ask myself how many more will die today. I guess no one ever said war would be easy. If they had, there would probably be a lot more wars.


It is 0500 just outside the town of Carentan. The sun was rising and the birds were singing. If it hadn't been for the Germans occupying the town, this would actually be a peaceful place to see, visit, and live. That's where Baker and his squad come in.

Mac: Baker, we've got to clear this city. I got another squad coming in South of you. They're hurt worse than you guys so I'll be assaulting with them.

That sounded good, but Baker felt a little skeptical. He was sure that no man or squad could have been in worse, physical and mental condition than he was, especially with his squad drastically reduced in half since they arrived in Normandy just six days earlier. Hartsock may have felt skeptical too with the numbers stacked against them.

Hartsock: How many Krauts?

Mac: Whatever's left. We're not too sure.

There was a long silence after Mac said that. Mac shook his head and then turned to Baker.

Mac: I trust you Baker.

Mac walked towards Leggett, who was staring into the town wondering what awaited him.

Mac: Let's go Leggett.

Leggett faced Mac and they both set off into the distance.

Hartsock: His pep talks aren't as peppy as they used to be.

As Baker moves his men deeper into the town he places each of his teams in different areas to pin down the MG42 and the nearby group of Germans. As the two teams to flank both pinned enemies by themselves they rush in and succeed. Baker looks at a nearby soldiers motionless body. He stops for a second then orders his men into cover. With both teams he is able to flank the next group of Germans. Then with one team he pins the hidden team of Germans and with the other he flanks the entire team out. After moving forward several times and flanking the enemies the area seems secured.

Just then many Germans from the further back area show up outnumbering Baker's squad. While the squad pins the far ones Baker must go around having to pin and flank a few more on his own. After pinning and flanking the team moves back closer to the main road. As a tank suddenly reels in Baker's squad stays in low cover further down away from the main road while Baker is close to the gate. Baker uses one of his Grenades to quickly grab and chuck a grenade into the tanks shaft destroying it. He finds a Panzerfaust and grabs it. As another tank shows up Baker's squad is useless and must stay hidden.

Baker on the other hand tries to get closer with his panzerfaust. As the tank starts to close in on Baker the destroyed tank makes it take longer to get around. He uses the panzerfaust to blow it up after sneaking around it. He is then free to summon up his men and does exactly this. He moves them into cover on the main road so they can snipe out any incoming Germans. He then goes into the building with Mac and people and takes out all Germans in there which can be hard.

Mac:Baker whatever it is you guys eat for breakfast, you got to share it. Anyway, we'll have a CP set up here by the hour. I don't think the krauts can mount a counter attack anytime soon. We should head to the church in the middle of the city. We'll see what there up to from there.

Chapter Ends

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