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Road to Hill 30Edit

Upon spotting GermansEdit

  • We got Jerrys!
  • More Krauts!

Ordered to fireEdit

  • I hear ya!
  • Keep thier heads down!
  • Open fire!

Ordered to move outside of combatEdit

  • I hear ya!
  • On it!

During combatEdit

  • Flank them!
  • We got to get around them!
  • Keep it up!

Killed a GermanEdit

  • Got him!
  • Got one!
  • I got one!

After a fightEdit

  • My little brothers never going to believe this!
  • Got them all!
  • My uniform is feeling pretty thin right about now!
  • I'm going to forget this before I go back home.

If hitEdit

  • Damn it!
  • Ahhhaa!
  • They got me!

If squad mate is killedEdit

  • Either shouts their name or "we lost him!"

If whole squad is killedEdit

  • They are murdering us!
  • Looks like it's just you and me.

When stared atEdit

  • Sarge.
  • Hey Sarge.
  • You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
  • This place is nothing like back home. Expect for the cows, well not the ones all shot up anyway.
  • This ain't going to be good for my health.

Hells HighwayEdit

Falling inEdit

  • Falling in, sarge.
  • You got it.

Ordered to moveEdit

  • On the move!
  • Moving!
  • Watch my back!
  • Going!
  • On the way!

Finishing moveEdit

  • I'm there!
  • Move complete.
  • I'm there, now what?

Ordered to fireEdit

  • Nail those son of bitches!
  • Taking the shot!
  • Supress them untill they can't see shit!
  • Firing!


  • I'm out! I'm out!
  • Cover me need to reload!

Covering someone reloadingEdit

  • Make it quick!
  • I'm almost out! Hurry!
  • I got your back!
  • No sweat, on you go!

Upon spotting Germans when behind coverEdit

  • We got more Krauts!
  • Baker, Krauts!
  • Germans!
  • Mg, Mg! Keep your heads low!

Upon spoting Germans when not in coverEdit

  • Jesus, you better not fire until I get in a better postion.
  • You don't expect me to stand here do ya?

When in combatEdit

  • Baker, we need a better spot, this one ain't no good!
  • Close your lips and shoot damn it!
  • Holden, you with me?!
  • Here we go!
  • Come on!
  • Lets do this!
  • Zano you ok?!
  • I got ya!
  • German fuckers!
  • Frag out!
  • Incoming grenade!
  • You better hope I don't find a way around you!
  • I'm going take you all down, just wait!

Killed a GermanEdit

  • Got ya!
  • One more for me!
  • Call dibs on his smokes!

After a fightEdit

  • Any more?
  • I wanna smoke a few more before the day's out!
  • No more Germans in sight!
  • Nice job Holden, keep it up and you might be as good as me one day!
  • Nice job guys!

When Baker is shot atEdit

  • You nuts Baker, get down!
  • You don't want Zano in charge do you?
  • Baker, get down!

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