History Edit

The 98k Carbine (Karbiner 98 Kurz), one of the many rifles in the long line of the Mauser designed rifles for Nazi Germany, the bolt-action rifle was one of the common infantry weapons of infantry units in the war. A formidable weapon, this weapon itself was claimed by Adolf Hitler himself that it was his favorite weapon during his days in the First World War. It was a short and light weapon, easy to carry and was respected among the German army as a reliable weapon and highly accurate weapon. It was fed with a 5 round stripper clip, or by single rounds, and was designed by famous German arms-producer Mauser.

Suggested Tactics in Gameplay Edit

In game, the Mauser has an average recoil and is most useful at medium ranges. Though it doesn't deal as much damage, the sight is one of the more useful rifle sights in the game, easily manageable and easy to fire with. At close ranges though, using this weapon can be a threat as it needs to bolt itself after every shot, giving the opponent a chance to fire back at you. Its best used for flanking at a slight distance but isn't very useful at far ranges. Take note also its small clip capacity, and it would probably be a good idea to reload it whenever you have the time. The Mauser would not be the first choice in terms of salvaging German weapons as the MP 40, would be a better choice.

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