The M10 Wolverine was a tank destroyer used by the US Army, Commonwealth forces and Soviet Union in WWII. It's main gun as a 3" (76.2 mm) cannon
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M-10 Wolverine,on display at the U.S. Ordinance Museum

with an additional .50 caliber machinegun mounted on top of the turret. Although the M10 had thinner turret armor than the M4 Sherman tank and has poor crew protection, the M10 had a more powerful gun and was more maneuverable. Its weaker defense make the M10 an easy target for Panzerfaust, Panzerschrek, Pak 36 AT gun, or even Flak 36 88mm AT/AA gun. Unlike other tank destroyers in WWII (like the Stug III), the M10 had a turret that could be rotated 360 degrees, like another US tank destoyer, the M18 Hellcat.

The M10 is first encounterd in Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood in the mission "Run of the Mill", later in "All Americans, Part 2", after you clear all the FlaK guns. As with the M4 Sherman and M3 Stuart, the player is able to use the .50 cal MG on top of the turret, this gives your squad a better suppression capability because M10 only has a 76.2mm gun and no coaxial machine gun or machine gun mounted at the front of the chassis.

In EiB, the M10 can be easily destroyed by enemy Flak 36 guns and portable anti-tank weapons, the open turret compartment also exposes the vehicle's crew to enemy fire, therefore the crews can be killed before the tank was destroyed, use extreme caution when operating in confined areas. Also, in mission "Run of the Mill", be careful while the M10 is in wide open, usually there will be Flak 36 guns around, the gun has a pretty nasty range and will sometimes fire before you see it, so use tactical map to avoid this unpleasant surprise. The lack of coaxial or chassis machine gun make the M10 unsuitable against enemy infantry, you can, however command the M2HB .50 Cal machine gun on the top to increase the firepower of the tank. The main cannon is more powerful than the one found in M4A3 Sherman, it can use to suppress infantry squads, even without extra machineguns. Despite being a tank destroyer, the level you have the chance to use M10 has no tank for it to fight, plus you will encounter a lot of AT emplacements, so command it carefully.