This article is about the BiA:HH map Lighthouse

Overall Physical LayoutEdit

At the northernmost point on the map there is a tall lighthouse. This is the German spawn point. Facing south from the lighthouse there are 2 roads. one is a dirt road that leads toward one of the 2 flagpoles at a location known as ,"the Docks." The other one is a cobblestone road that goes forward a bit, then breaks into 2 roads; the middle road, wich runs right through the middle of the map, and the aptly named church road. At the center of the map there is an alley that runs from the church road tot the middle road.

At the suthermost end of the map, there is a cobblestone road that intersects with the middle and church road. The church road has on it a church with a fountain out front, with open doors. It also has open gates to a cemetary where the second flagpole is located.

At the docks there is a road that goas up a hill. at then top of the hill, is the American spawn.

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