Colonel Joseph Baker is the father of Staff Sergeant Matthew Baker and the husband of Julia Baker (Matt Baker's mother). In 1929, he divorced with Julia when Matt was only eight years old. Joseph continued to be assigned around the world in the U.S. Army [posts in the US, Panama, and China]. Matt rarely saw his father through visits or letters.

On October 6, 1931, when Matt was only ten years of age, Joseph gave Matt an M1911 pistol with the words "Brothers in Arms" engraved on it. However, Matt said he couldn't keep it because his mother (Julia) wouldn't let him.

Army Career Edit

Joseph served with "Mac" Hassay at Fort Benning, Georgia, in 1939 when Mac was a rifle and machine gun marksmanship instructor at the Infantry School and Joseph was an instructor of infantry tactics. Colonel Baker saved Mac's life in a demolitions training exercise at Fort Benning. Since then, Mac has shown Joseph great respect and looks at Matt as a leader with potential to carry on in his father's footsteps.


  • Joseph Baker was probably born in either Missouri or Georgia depending whether Matt was born in Fort Benning, Georgia or St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Julia Baker, Matt's mother and Joseph's former wife, came from a wealthy family and military life did not agree with her.
  • Joseph Baker was the first person to die holding "the death pistol" and probably starts the curse. The second person was Muzza.