Hill 30

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Game:Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
Date:June 14th, 1944
Location:Outside of Carentan, Normandy, France

Hill 30 is the first level of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. It is set mid-way through the game's last level, No Better Spot to Die, and serves as a teaser for the rest of the game.


Baker awakens after having been knocked unconscious, finding the 101st AID engaging German forces from a ditch. Plt.Sgt. Hassey berates Pfc. Leggett for not being able to get into contact with sixth platoon, Fox company on the radio, nor for being able to get in touch with the 2nd Armored Division. During the exchange in fire, York is killed, and Leggett tries to attend to an injured paratrooper's wounds before being berated by Hassey again. A German tank arrives on the scene and fires at the ditch. The detonation spares Baker, though succeeds in knocking him over. Leggett, in a moment of madness, prepares the Death Pistol and begins firing at the tank, challenging it to kill him. The tank commander obliges and promptly fires at him, killing him. Baker begins to fade back out of conciousness as Hassey tries to resuscitate him.



Hill 30
Southwest of Carentan, France
D+7 1445 June 13, 1944

  • Matthew Baker "My dad said something to me after the divorce. He said every soldier has two families. Those you raise, and those you raise hell with. I've spent eight days here. Eight days commanding a squad I wasn't ready to lead. Eight days watching my men, my family, kill and be killed. Eight days wishing it would stop."

Scene fades in to Baker lying in a ditch. As he gets back up, German soldiers can be heard shouting and gunfire exchanging. Pfc. Leggett walks up to Baker.

  • Leggett: "Baker. You okay Baker?"
  • Mac: "He's fine. Get him on his feet!"
  • Hooper: "INCOMING!"


An area of field in front of Baker suddenly explodes.

  • Mac: "Shit!"
  • Leggett (to radio): "Fox six, can you hear me? Can you fucking hear me? Fox six this is Fox three. Answer me, dammit."
  • Leggett: "Sarge I can't get anyone."
  • Mac: "Leggett keep trying! We need armor now."
  • Leggett (to radio): "Hello? Hello? Shit! Is anyone there? I need armor support now. I mean right now!
  • Mac: "Keep shooting. Keep shooting! No. One. Breaks. Through. We're not gonna live long enough to run out of ammo so keep up the fire!"
  • Jameson: "York! York! Get up man. Get up."
  • Wheaton: "He's dead! Keep firing!"
  • Leggett: "Come on man, don't die. Hang in there."
  • Mac: "Leggett! Where's the God damn armor?"
  • Leggett: "He's gonna die, he needs help!"
  • Mac: "We're all gonna die if you don't get on that fucking radio!"
  • Leggett: (York dies) "Ahh! Dammit! Fucking kraut bastards!"
  • Hooper: "Oh shit, they got tanks! We got to get the hell out of here!"
  • Mac: "We're not falling back! Keep firing! Don't stop firing! Get down, this is gonna be bad!"


A German tank fires at Baker, knocking him off his feet. Baker looks up to see Leggett ready his pistol. He fires at the tank.

  • Leggett: "You want me!? Fucking take me!"

Leggett ceases firing at the tank, stretching his arms out.

  • Leggett: "TAKE ME!!!"

The tank fires; Leggett is killed and his mangled body thrown to the ground besides Baker. Mac moves up to Baker in an attempt to resuscitate him.

  • Mac: "Baker! Baker?"

Fades out

Ubisoft Entertainment Presents...
A Gearbox Software Production of...
Brothers In Arms

--end of level--


There is little to do in this level, as it is just a teaser for the rest of the game. Simply shoot the Germans while waiting for the tank to arrive. Once the tank gets in sight, it will fire at you, throwing you to the ground and ending the level's gameplay.


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