Hatsock's IntroductionEdit

Hartsock: We spent most of the night in a village called Heisville. After some rummaging, I found a BAR in the back of a crashed glider. Belonged to a guy named Hardigan.

Marshall: How do you know that?

Hartsock: He was holding it. It's amazing how few dead bodies you have to see before stops affecting you.


Marsh: There's no way we're getting this out.

Garnett: Seems Baker is all too willing to send us out on these wild goose chases. Would it kill him to give us a map?

Paddock: What's up with Baker anyway? Always seems to be alone, staring off and shit.

Desola: He's always been like that. We'd play baseball or whatever in England-not Baker.

Marsh: I don't think we're getting that hunk of crap out of the mud any time soon.

Friar: We should think of something fast before they realize where we are.

Desola: Where  the hell is Allen? He never misses a Baker goose chase.

Garnett: He's stuck unloading trucks for the push into St. Come du Mont. He's on Mac's shit list. Actually, I thinck he is Mac's shit list.

Later Campbell shows up running from german gunfire.

Garnett: Follow the gunfrie, that's how you can always find us.

Campbell: Got word you guys were on your way. Colonel Johnson sent me to find you. Fucking Germans. Krauts are attacking the Locks and tore us to pieces with some damn morter fire. Here comes the supply drop. Mark the supplies with smoke. We'll pick'em up later. You'll rendezvous with the Colonel  on the other side of the locks. Good luck, Red.

Then the planes came over to drop the supplies for Red and the others to pick up and re-supply.

Garnett: Parachutes, there! They're landing over there!

Friar: That there's a hell of a sight.

They then open fire with the frie team in one hole and the assault team in second hole with Red in command of them all.Then they light the frist supply drop with smoke and then the second and then the third by a bran.

After clearing the barn they head for the locks and come under MG fire and then morter fire but take them both out and then find Colonel Johnson, Campbell(who wnet back after telling Red his orders),Paige and McConnell.

Johnson: Been on the horn all day trying to get some fucking reinforcements and they send me a Corporal? Ballard can kiss my ass, We were down to our last clips... Paige, McConnell go get that ammo. Corporal , move your ass up that riverbank and secure a defensive position at the road junction. Go. Get out of here.

Red takes Paddock, Mash and the others to the riverbank and do a good job taking out two or three german squards on the way and then find Johnson, Campbell, Paige and McConnell.

Johnson: There's a platoon of Germans heading this way. Our besy way is to cut them off at the flank. Corporal, move out.

Red then takes his men and mans a Geman MG42 and they ambush the Germans and kill most of them. The last Three Germans surrender to the men of the 101st

Pagie: Momma said to come home alive.

Campbell: Pagie, what are you doing?

Pagie: She said don't let those sons of bitches take you out. Did you here what I said?

Campbell: Pagie. Pagie, come on.

Pagie:  I called you a son of a bitch.

Campbell: Paige what the hell ya doing? Back off.

Campbell clams Pagie down and put him away from the german prisoners then Johnson talks to Red.

Johnson: Go talk to your men, Corporal.

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