As Sergeant Matthew Baker's sanity began to receed due to his Post-traumatic stress disorder, he began to see apparitions of people who were killed; usually, they were in the form of his squad mates or people like Pieter. Hartsock is the only ghost of a squad mate that was not killed that Baker experienced.

Kevin LeggettEdit

PFC Leggett'
s ghost haunted Baker throughout Operation Market Garden in September 1944. Brought on by Leggett's death and a secret of his, Baker was forced to see the man die in his head over and over.

There are several occasions that Baker see Leggett's corpse, which turns out to be other soldiers.

Assuming a personality, this ghost was very critical of Baker's orders and frequently made reference to other squadmembers who died in front of Baker. This was a mental projection of Baker's own guilt; he blamed himself for the deaths of his men.

Allen and GarnettEdit

Baker, after learning that a new squadmember knew of Leggett's secret, was forced to divulge this information to the rest of the squad - Allen and Garnett's projections represented the secret behind their deaths - another aspect of guilt.

"Red" and "Beans"Edit


Both Sgt. Hartsock and Pvt. Frankie also appeared to Baker at one point. Again following Baker's feelings of guilt, Hartsock would criticise Baker's adamance that he would keep the rest of the squad alive. While Hartsock was in fact alive at this point and survived the war, Baker doubted that he would die due to his injuries sustained on Black Friday. Frankie on the other hand was an eighteen year old fresh recruit who died in front of Baker. Rather than blame himself for Frankie, he took it out on Cpl. Corrion.

Hospital GermansEdit

Three Wehmacht soldiers appeared in Baker's imagination as he laid on the floor, knocked down after a bomb crashed through the ceiling of a hospital. Aiming his pistol at them as they aimed theirs, he would shoot all three of them, believing each to be real right up until Hartsock picked him up.

One of the soldiers has Kar 98k, which is not seen in the other place of the hospital.


A young boy, Pieter, was crushed under a burning building as it collapsed. Baker, who had saved the child hours earlier could not handle the revelations due to the boy's young age. He would see Pieter's face stare back in another mental projection as he explored the basements of Eindhoven to avoid the debris. Pieter is also the only non-soldier to appear to Baker as a ghost.

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