This German officer was a highly skilled sniper who took part in Operation Market Garden. He was responsible for eliminating many paratroopers as indicated by a tally mark he wrote on the window sill of his position. His most infamous kill was American Medal of Honor recipient Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cole.

The sniper was next seen manning another shooting position in a church tower, keeping many paratroopers at bay. Ultimately, Sergeant Matthew Baker and Corporal Franklin Paddock managed to fight their way up the levels of the church and make it to the tower. Baker entered the room first and saw the German's K43 sniper rifle leaning against the wall before he was punched in the face and stunned by the sniper himself. Before the German could finish him off with a Hitler Youth knife, Paddock intercepted him and threw the enemy out the window to his demise after giving him a warning," We'll be sending your buddies your way..... real....SOON!!"

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