A Member of the 709th Infanterie Division

German Ost (east) or Conscripts battalions are the troops fighting at Normandy on D-Day.


They are lightly equipped with the Kar98k and have little or no Military training. However, they are importantly trained in operating the FlakVierling Anti-Aircraft guns designed in shooting down the American C-47 SkyTrains. They were drafted into the German Army from prisoners caught in the Soviet Army. Most of the soldiers were from Asian Russia, North Africa, Russia, Ukraine, The Muslim Republics of the Soviet Union and other places the Germans had conquered. These countries have all been conquered by the germans and the soldiers are prissoners. The Ostruppen Units on D-Day were from either the 709th or 243rd Static Divisions.

The quailty of these troops were so low that the German Army had no chance to defend them in depth, so instead ordered these men to fight from fixed positions. German NCOs were ordered to shoot their own men if they tried to run away.

German military conscripts are the main enemy force in Normandy and other regions of occupied France. These minimally trained German troops are expected to fight from behind concrete fortifications and to gain time for the infantry and mobile troops to arrive and repel an invading force.

During its conquest of Europe, Germany has conscripted "volunteers" from France, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Asian Russia, North Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and even India.

These conscripts form the Ost (East) battalions and have been sent to guardthe western front in Europe to free better-trained German troops for the fights against the Soviets. Despite their low status, however, these troops can inflict severe causalities on invading Allied forces.



  • Easily distinguished by their caps
  • Featured in the Road to Hill 30 missions Silence the Guns and Ambush at Exit 4
  • Featured in the Earned in Blood missions Roses all the way and Action at St. Martin

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