General Karl Herst was in command at Monte Cassino. After seeing Wright, he ordered his troops to blow up the bridge, but Wright evaded it just in time. After this, Herst flees the area, and Wright goes after him. BUt then an airstrike bombs the area, which delays Wright. When he goes to the courtyard, enemy troops attack and Herst uses the sniper bullet to try and kill you. After his troops have been killed, he takes a detour to the dirt roud where Wright can't follow. When Wright reaches the main dirt road, help comes in for Wright. He know must eliminate all enemy reinforcements, only for Herst to escape. The rest of Monte Cassino gets bombed by Germans after Wright escapes too.

Herst then makes his way to Denmark, to find Wright with a few of his Brothers well armed. After the bunker was cleared out, Wright shoots Herst, who is know terribly wounded. Wright then kills Herst, but then discovers blood on his palm where he had been holding his side. Wright then passes away.

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