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A seperate game once under the title of Brothers and Arms. The game will feature four playable characters as they make their way through Nazi Germany on a mission to kill Hitler. Gearbox claims the game will be a mix between Borderlands and Bulletstorm. Gearbox has since canceled the game due to backlash from fans of Brothers in Arms


The game will feature up to four player cooperative mode as well as an RPG style progression system. The game will also feature a "crazy, unconventional weapon arsenal."



Stitch is a mentally unstable Irishman whose signature weapon is a home-made taser.


Montana is a former lumberjack who's signature weapon is a chain saw. 


Chok is a Native American who's signature weapon is a hatchet.


Crockett is a Texan who's signature weapon is a branding iron in the shape of Texas.


  • This the 7th spin-off game.
  • According to Mike Neumann, he still promise to fans they will continue the final chapter.
  • This was to be a Brothers in Arms title until many fans were found to be upset about this, due to the style of gameplay, and how it differed from the main series. To remedy this, the title of the game was changed to Furious 4.


Brothers In Arms Furious 4 Trailer01:35

Brothers In Arms Furious 4 Trailer

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