Eviction Notice

Game:Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Previous mission:Bloody Gulch
Next mission:Close Quarters
Date:June 14, 1944
Location:Carentan, France


Hartsock's introductionEdit

Marshall: This was when you were promoted to Sergeant, correct? After you took Carentan?

Hartsock: Yes, sir, had a little ceremony at the base of the church. But it was cut short by German mortar fire coming from the south side of town.

Marshall: There was still some resistance? Who was with you?

Hartsock: Well I had Paddock, Friar, and Marsh from 2nd squad. There were also some 1st squad guys that Mac picked up after the drop. They got folded into 2nd. Campbell, Paige, and McConnell.


Having a mortar team fire down upon Hartsock was not exactly the way he would have liked his promotion from Corporal to Sergeant be. But then again, this was a good time to put his leadership skills as Sergeant to good use and practice.

Baker: Those mortars are coming from the train yard about a block away. Red, you go down the alley behind those houses and push through. We'll swing around the other side.

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