Euan Oakland Air

Euan Oakland in the air

Corporal Euan Oakland is only seen briefly in a cutscene in Five-Oh-Sink. He is the man that gets blown up in the air while Baker is crossing the river. You also see his helmet and detatched arm when Baker is submerged underwater. He is the first member of the squad that is helping Baker's squad.


In the level Five-Oh-Sink Baker's squad and the other squad helping them are trying to cross the river and going through it then a cut scene is on and you see some soldiers get shot one who Baker nearly trips over. Then you see a man get blown up high into the sky and when you are underwater you can just make out his arms and pieces of his body. He is the first killed and last seen of the squad that is helping Baker's squad.


  • He is one of 7 known characters to die in Operation Market Garden.
Euan Oakland Underwater

When Baker is underwater you can just make out his helmet and arm

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