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Lieut. Col. S.L.A. Marshall, Inf. History Branch, G-2, WD6S Washington, D.C. and should be returned to: Lieut. Col. S.L.A. Marshall, Inf. H.Q.ETOUSA, United States Army

This narrative was begun on 11 July 1944 and the last work was done on 29 July, at which time the HO began work on 82nd's operation. The narrative is not complete. As much was done as was possible in the time available, the HO getting no assistance in the work. The notes do cover, in main, the principal operations of the parachute regiments, including the drop and assembly details of most of the chief elements. Other groups were passed up. So too was the work in detail of the glider units, engineers, artillery, medical corps, and others. There is nothing here about planning and preparation. The reasons are obvious. Some of this material may be recovered later on.

With the support of General Taylor and with the unreserved help, and even the enthusiasm of his unit commanders, we undertook these researches principally to find out what happens to parachute battalions in the course of collecting for battle. The Battalion Commanders themselves wanted to know.

At the conclusion of two weeks of this work, it seemed perfectly clear that there is more to be learned in small unit action from the study of a parachute battalion during any 72 hrs than from an average line battalion in a month of fighting.


Bookends (Part 1)Edit

Newly promoted Sergeant Hartsock sits down for a cup of coffee with Col. SLA Marshall to recount his trip through Normandy.

Roses All The WayEdit

Hartsock parachutes into Normandy to be confronted by some new faces. He will have to use his men to save his and their lives. He meets Cpl. Doyle and Cpl. Paddock, then, Lt.Col. Cole and Lt.Col. Cassidy.

Action at St. MartinEdit

Hartsock awakens to find out that some men from the 82nd Airborne have been found and are severely wounded. They desperately need his help and courage to survive.

Three Patrol ActionEdit

Hartsock is reunited with Sgt. Baker and some old friends in an effort to take out a large German convoy that has just rolled into town. Baker's with Corrion and Desola, Red with the other soldiers. Red saves Corrion.

Hell's CornerEdit

After taking Vierville, Hartsock and both 2nd and 3rd squad push on to the Barquette Locks to assist Col. Johnson.

Chateau ColombieresEdit

Cpl. Hartsock takes a small side mission to a bombed out chateau near St. Come-du-Mont. He has a few familiar faces along to guide him.

Bookends (Part 2)Edit

Col. Marshall is surprised to hear that what Sgt. Hartsock tells him about Hill 30, is not exactly what some others had told him.

Bloody GulchEdit

Witness what happens at Hill 30, after Baker leaves to find the armor, with the men who were left to defend the line under the command of Hartsock and Sgt. Hassay.

Eviction NoticeEdit

Hartsock is promoted during an award ceremony in Carentan that is cut short by German mortar fire. The origin of the fire was determined to be coming from the train station on the south side of town.

Close QuartersEdit

After a fellow soldier is wounded, the men of 2nd and 3rd squad must work together to eliminate the threat hiding deep in Carentan.


Baupte was the town where the 82nd and the 101st were set to link up. Hartsock rides in expecting to find Airborne, but there are Germans instead.

Hedgerow HellEdit

The enemy has fled from Baupte and taken strong positions in the bocage just south of town. They need to be eliminated before they can reorganize and move up to St. Sauveur.

Bookends (Part 3)Edit

Hartsock takes a slow and deep breath when he's forced to confront what happened at Purple Heart Lane to his friends.

Run of the MillEdit

Hartsock prepares to move on the bridge leading into St. Sauveur, but the maps reveal some extra German positions that they had not accounted for.

The All Americans Part 1Edit

Hartsock and his squad are cut off; they need only sweep through the city and eliminate the enemy where they find them, clearing the way for the 82nd and Glider infantry.

The All Americans Part 2Edit

Hartsock and his squad continue their battle through the burning streets of St. Sauveur.

Bookends (Part 4)Edit

Sgt. Hartsock finishes his story just in time for a familiar face to show up and start his for Col. Marshall.

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