"Now we're prepared for Hitlers finest!"

Crossing Corners is the second mission in Brothers in arms DS. You play as a soldier attacking a fortified village in Normandy. You will attack a number of streets before making a final attack on a church. This mission is short and relatively easy.

Mission WalkthroughEdit

You will start off in a cutscene of soldiers advancing on the village, having a discussion. At the end, an explosion (Possible a grenade) kills all but three of them and they run to cover. At this point, the cutscene will end and you will take control of one of them. You will have to advance and take out an MG and all the supporting gunners. After this relatively easy step, you will have to advance. Several of your soldiers will be shot by an MG, causing you to move around the side. Several Germans will attempt to stop you including one on a balcony. After a move around, you flank the enemy and kill the MG, allowing your men to advance. You charge up to take out the church. One of your men is shot by a sniper in the church tower. Whilst your men take care of the ground force, you take out the tower with a rocket launcher (damn disrespectful if you ask me) and then have to use the launcher on a halftrack. A tank will arrive, which is easily destroyed either by rocket launcher or by throwing a grenade inside (press the zoom button whilst next to it) and proceed. After all enemies are killed, your men will stand ready to break in to the church. When you are ready, step close to the door and it will open. Several Germans and a manned MG will open fire, killing the two Americans standing next to the doors. You have to run quickly to cover and preferably throw a grenade at the enemy. A second wave will attack. Once they are removed, a tank will ram through the side of the church (Once again disrespectful to any religion) but will get stuck (God strikes back!!) and allows you to throw a grenade inside. Once this task is done, you will be told to man an MG and take out advancing units. This is quick and easy. Once done, you will be called back to the middle of the church where the mission ends.


  • At the end of the cutscene, after the explosion, you see two of the three men run for cover the other suddenly appears as the camera pans the starting area. He literally comes out of nowhere.
  • The MG can be killed without flanking it around the side.
  • This mission came free in the lite version of this Mage on the iPhone, a more poor attempt at the game.
  • This is the only mission in which Hitler is referred to.

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