Sergeant Cole Wright is main protagonist in Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War. Since he was going to find a document that played a key role in the defeat of the Nazis, he along with his best team and Jacob Hall we went on a mission in' France. After Jacob Hall's death, Wright left his corpse and continued his adventure. He wondered if any of the other team members had buried Jacob Hall's body. In Audrieu, Normandy, France, they stole a car in middle of night of a rescue mission they were assigned. Their mission was to save Rachelle Dubois and any others that were not executed by the Nazis already. After Wright and his squad rescued Rachelle Dubois and the remaining survivors, Wright and Rachelle Dubois fell in love. In Monte Cassino, Italy, their mission was rescue Cain Lawrence, one of Wright's brothers who can throw a Molotov Cocktail, and made an attempt to kidnap General Herst, but failed in the end. In France, Wright and his team were ordered to destroy a Nazi convoy. After the destruction of the German convoy Wright and his team were sent to paris to obtain documents leading to the location of some German POW camps, the documents weren't found so they took the alternative of capturing and interrogating a German officer, General adler to reveal the location of the POW camp(They had an rescue mission planned concerning the alied forces held prisoner in POW camp). In Belgium, Wright and Major Bastion held a meeting to make plans for the assasination of Sam Foster. , a former American soldier who had defected to the side of the Nazis and was feeding them key strategic information, After killing Sam Foster, Wright and his team escaped from Belgium. In Germany, some German soldiers had a plan to slaughter civilians using long range ballistic missiles. Wright and his team were ordered to infiltrate and destroy the missile facility, their mission was a success and they prevented the German revenge war scheme. Major Bastion had found General Herst, Denmark. Then Major Bastion was furious that Herst keeps evading him so he sent wright and his team on a mission to ambush and kill Herst in Denmark. After they landed on Denmark, they secured the area before General Herst came. Wright and his team were ready and well prepared. Herst got into a bunker and Wright went in after him fighting numerous troops and getting himself critically injured in an effort to reach and kill Herst who still made attempts to escape through the exit behind the bunker, Wright managed to break through the Germans, reach and Shoot General Herst right before he could Escape. Herst. General Herst got out of bunker in critical condition, Wright shot him one last time with his pistol. After killing Karl Herst, Wright succumbed to his injuries and died.

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