Cole's Charge

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Game:Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
Previous mission:Purple Heart Lane
Next mission:Ripe Pickings
Date:June 11, 1944
Location:Near Carentan, France
Objective(s):Capture the farmhouse.


Baker's introductionEdit

Very little goes through your mind when you're knocked out by a bomb from a low flying Stuka. You're not really awake or asleep, you're just sort of... there. It's pleasant really, while you're out. But somewhere in the back of your mind you know when you come back, it won't be pleasant. God, I hate being right all the time.


Baker begins to regain consciousness after the bomb hit him yesterday. Corporal Sam Corrion walks over to him just as Baker clears his vision.

Corrion: We thought you were dead!

Corrion shakes off some of the bugs that are flying around Baker's face and lifts Baker to his feet.

Corrion: Matt, Desola didn't make it.

Baker heads towards Desola, or what's left of him. Baker was just a few feet away from Desola's dead corpse. Desola had his blood and guts hanging out on the bridge and Desola's face looked as if it had been impaled upon by something. His body was also in a disfigured sort of way; right arm pointed skyward, his left leg was straight while his right leg looked crooked and not in place; Desola's torso had been ripped down to his Vertebral column, spilling his guts all over. Baker immediately feels sick looking at the mutilated body.

Corrion: Take it easy, you've been out for a while.

Hartsock, meanwhile, hasn't taken his eyes of Desola's body, shaking his head in disgust and looking to the skies for an answer.

Hartsock: Doesn't make sense. Doesn't make any God damn sense.

Corrion: We gotta go Red.

Red brushes his eyes trying to get rid of the tears.

Corrion: Red. We gotta go.

Corrion walks away from Hartsock and start heading south where the rest of the guys were with Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cole. Baker patted Hartsock on the shoulder. Hartsock steadily rose to his feet, still with tears in his eyes, reached for his helmet with the "13" symbol he painted back in England still emblazoned on it and chucked it as far as he could off the bridge and into the water below. Slowly, Hartsock and Baker regrouped with the rest of their squad. Obrieski was especially happy to see Baker.

Obrieski: Holy shit. Bullet proof Matt Baker back from the grave.

Cole returned to Baker's squad and gathered everyone around to take a knee and get into a massive circle. It's almost like the kind of circle athletes do when they huddle up.

Cole: Alright here's the deal. You knew it would be rough when you joined the Airborne. Now you're gonna learn what rough really means. In a few moments the arty will smoke the other end of this causeway. The smoke will conceal us as we run across the field and take the farmhouse. If you see something move, shoot it. If it screams in German, shoot it again.

Everybody nodded.

Cole: Nobody moves till I give the command to charge.

McCreary: I hate this part.

Cole was right; the arty began opening up and started smoking the other end of the causeway.

Cole: HOLD! Stay with me. Let the smoke build. Wait for my order.

Seconds passed, and the smoke soon engulfed the area became an enormous cloud of white. Baker took out and raised his M1 Garand rifle to hip level and began feeling butterflies in his stomach. Baker had never felt this nervous since the day he was promoted to Sergeant. This nervousness built to an even greater tension for Baker because he wasn't sure he was going to live or die in this dangerous cavalry-like charge.

(Cole: Alright! Let's go! CHARGE!!!)

Baker and his men dashed across the field like wild men. German MG42 bullets were flying and ricocheting around Baker's ears and could hardly hear himself think. Cole noticed that he was at the front of the advance and could see behind him that some of the men were stopping.

Cole: Don't stop. Keep moving! Stay with me!

After that, men started following Cole's orders and eventually caught up with him. Baker also noticed that some of his men began to stop and therefore ordered his men to keep moving.

Hartsock: Let's get the bastards!

Because the smoke was so thick and dense, Baker ordered his men to charge wherever the Germans were. Under machine gun, rifle platoon, and all, Baker's squad miraculously survived the assault and eventually met back up with Cole, who had already taken and seized control of the farmhouse.

Cole: You! Keep moving forward and clear out the rest of the Germans in the area. I'm setting up the command post here. Go, and give 'em hell.

Cole opened the gate for Baker and his men to move through. Just as Baker and his men entered the area, two German rifle platoons opened up with their Kar98s. One of the bullets from the Kar98 just grazed Matt's right arm, but Matt was still able to fire and cut the German down. Eventually, two more German rifle platoons started opening up on Baker's squad. There were also a lot of low-built walls Baker and his squad used to take the Germans down. The firefight lasted only ten minutes.

Baker then noticed a small gap in the northwest and began heading through it. The gap turned out to be roadway that lead to an MG42, which had just opened up on Baker and his squad as they were coming down the roadway. Baker then spotted a flanking position to the left of their location and quickly cut down the other Germans in the area. They also took out the Germans positioned across a narrow and shallow field near a river before they took out the Germans manning the machine gun. Mac soon caught up with Baker and his squad.

Mac: Baker, you did a damn fine job today. That was one of the finest military executions I've ever seen. Let's get back to the farmhouse.

Chapter ends.


  • In the Extras section of Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30, an excerpt from the AAR described the first moments of the charge from Cole's perspective. "COLE trotted half way across the field. Then he stopped, knelt to one knee and looked back. Fire was clipping the grass all around him and more of it was passing overhead. He saw that his men were trailing behind him... He kept firing his colt .45 wildly in the general direction of the farm house and as he fired he yelled: 'God dam, I don't know what I'm shootin' at, but I gotta keep on.' (His exact words as recalled by COLE and by several of the men who heard him and who remembered that they laughed at the spectacle.) About 5 or 6 men were killed by bullet fire..."
  • Lt. Col. Robert Cole earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for "Cole's Charge". He is the sole CMH Winner in the entire 101st ABD in Normandy. In the text of Lt. Col. Cole's CMH Citation, it read, "For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his own life, above and beyond the call of duty on 11 June 1944, in France. Lt. Col. Cole was personally leading his battalion in forcing the last 4 bridges on the road to Carentan where his entire unit was suddenly pinned to the ground by intense and withering enemy rifle, machinegun, mortar, and artillery fire placed upon them from well-prepared and heavily fortified positions within 150 yards of the foremost elements. After the devastating and unceasing enemy fire had for over 1 hour prevented any move and inflicted numerous casualties, Lt. Col. Cole, observing this almost hopeless situation, courageously issued orders to assault the enemy positions with fixed bayonets. With utter disregard for his own safety and completely ignoring the enemy fire, he rose to his feet in front of his battalion and with drawn pistol shouted to his men to follow him in the assault. Catching up a fallen man's rifle and bayonet, he charged on and led the remnants of his battalion across the bullet-swept open ground and into the enemy position. His heroic and valiant action in so inspiring his men resulted in the complete establishment of our bridgehead across the Douve River. The cool fearlessness, personal bravery, and outstanding leadership displayed by Lt. Col. Cole reflect great credit upon himself and are worthy of the highest praise in the military service."
  • At the start of the level, if you look back at the ruined 'Belgian gate' the 3 dead men had the exact same death pose.

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