Cheats in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 changes the way the game usually work, from changing the appearance of the game to giving the player an advantage in the game. The player have to complete the whole campaign on different levels to unlock different cheats. It could be found and activated on the in-game menu when the player is playing the campaign level. It is noted that everytime the player die, reload a checkpoint, start a new level, the cheats have to be activated again.

Old MovieEdit

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Original (Left), "Old Movie" (Right)

This is unlocked when you complete the whole campaign on easy difficulty. It gives the game a greyish feel, in both cutscene and gameplay, just like it is in old movies. This cheat changes the appearance of the game and does not bring any advantage to the player in gameplay.

Infinite AmmoEdit

This is unlocked when you complete the whole campaign on normal difficulty. Activating this cheat gives you infinite ammo, which may be useful for the higher difficulty of the game. It gives you unlimited ammo for both guns and grenade. It is important to note that if you have used up your ammo for the gun or grenade, then activate this cheat, no ammo will be given and you still will not be able to use them.

Super SquadEdit

This is unlocked when you complete the whole campaign on authentic difficulty, which also means the player have completed the whole game. However, there is an easier way to get this cheat. After completing the whole campaign on authentic difficulty, start and play the first 2 level, which is a cutscene and a tutorial. After that, quit and start the final level, which is also just a cutscene, on authentic difficulty. You will not be awarded any medal, but if you check on the in-game menu, you will realise the cheat has been unlocked.

This cheat enables all your squadmates to get hit a number of times before their health starts decreasing. However, if the cheat is deactivated, then reactivated again, the cheat will reset. Thus, doing this causes your squadmates health to be full again and the cheat to reapply. However, if your squadmates are being shot by heavy weapons like machine guns or tanks, or being outnumbered, their health may decrease too rapidly and die before you can carry out this action.

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