Matt Baker Sgt. 23
Joe Hartsock Sgt. 22
Sam Corrion Cpl. 36
Kevin Leggett Pfc. 23
Tom Zanovich Cpl. 29
Stephan Obrieski Pfc. 27
David Muzza Pfc. 24
Larry Allen Pvt. 18
Jack Courtland Pfc. 21
Nathan Holden Tfg. 20
Greg Hassay SgtM. 44
George Risner Sgto. 23
Robert Cole LtC. 29
Dean Winchell Pvt. 20
Dale McCreary Pfc. 20
Franky La Roche Pvt. 17
Gary Jasper Pfc. 28
Mike Dawson Pfc. 24
Seamus Doyle Sgto. 24
Jhonny Rivas Pvt. 23
Franklin Paddock Sgto. 21
William Paige Pvt 19
Jacob Campbell Cpl. 20
Michael Desola Pvt. 20
Timothy Connor Pvt. 21
Derrick McConnell Pvt. 20
James Marsh Pfc 22
Michael Garnett Pvt. 18
Patrick Cassidy LtC. 32
Robert Fazio Cp. 26
Robert Sink Col. 40
James Roselli Pvt. 18
Sla Marshall Col. 50
Homer J. Combs Lt. 32
Col. Jhonson Col. 38

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