Game: Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

Previous mission: The All Americans - Part 2

Date: June 21, 1944

Location: Near Cherbourg, France

Hartsock's introductionEdit

Hartsock: That was five days ago. I remember on the way to St. Martin he was going on and on about himself. Sort of like a Doyle history lesson.

Flashback to Hartsock with Doyle on the way to St. Martin.

Doyle: Well, my full name is Seamus Doyle. You see, Seamus was my father's name, which is odd because I never knew my father, so I guess I never understood why my mother would name me after him. And my mother, she was a piece of work. She once made me wash the dishes at three o'clock in the morning. I mean she could cook like nobody's business, but the smell- She once caught my sister kissing this guy... stapled her dress shut.

Back to the present.

Hartsock: That boy could talk.

Hartsock shakes his head, almost smiling.

Marshall: I think that's all the questions I have. Everything you said is important, a lot of good we can learn from this. Sergeant Hartsock, you should get some rest.

Hartsock: Still got miles to go before we rest, sir.

Hartsock stands up and salutes. Cpl. Sam Corrion is standing right behind him.

Corrion: That took a while.

Hartsock looks into Corrion's eyes with a fixed look.

Hartsock: Got a lot on my mind, Sam.

Hartsock taps Corrion's shoulders and leaves.

Corrion puts his weapon down.

Marshall: Name and rank?

Corrion salutes.

Corrion: Cpl. Sam Corrion, sir.

Hartsock sits down next to Baker.

Baker: How did it go with Col. Marshall?

Hartsock: Oh you know, I talked his ear off.

Baker: Yeah me too. You know, we should write a book. "Baker and Red, Through Hell and Highwater."

Hartsock: Why not "Red and Baker?"

Baker: Because I made Sergeant before you did.

Hartsock: Fair enough. If we ever get back to England, I'm buying you a whiskey.

Baker: I like whiskey.

Chapter ends.