Bookends (Part 2)

Game:Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Previous mission:Château Colombières
Next mission:Bloody Gulch
Date:June 21, 1944
Location:Near Cherbourg, France


Hartsock's introductionEdit

Marshall: Which brings us to Hill 30. Sgt. Baker did a good job on that line.

Hartsock has a blank expression on his face.

Marshall: Must have been one hell of a fight.

Hartsock lifts up his cigarette, breathes it in, and breathes out with a sigh.

Hartsock: Baker didn't save us.

Marshall is shocked.

Marshall: Excuse me, Sergeant?

Hartsock: Sorry, sir. What I mean is... I've been hearing a lot of talk around here that Baker saved us at Hill 30, bringing in the 2nd Armored Division and all. That's not what happened.

Marshall starts writing.

Hartsock flashbacks to Leggett screaming on the radio at Hill 30 while everyone else is shooting.

Leggett: I need armor support now!! I mean right now!!

Back to the present.

Hartsock: Leggett saved us. Just no one wants to talk about it.

Marshall: Why is that, Sergeant?

Hartsock drops his head, remembering Leggett shooting his last few bullets from Baker's pistol.

Leggett: TAKE ME!!!

Back to the present.

Hartsock: He somehow managed to reach HQ on the radio. They sent the tanks.

Marshall: I can't confirm that. I thought Pvt. Leggett's radio wasn't working.

Hartsock: Couldn't receive, sir, but he was transmitting.

Marshall: And Sgt. Baker?

Hartsock flashbacks to Baker getting hit by the tank, knocking him back.

Back to the present.

Hartsock: He loved being in the thick of it. Every time I turned around in Normandy he'd been knocked out by artillery or mortar or some damn thing. Yeah, he earned his stripes. But so did the rest of us.

Flashback to Baker with a scar on his forehead, wobbling.

Hartsock: And I do mean earned.

Back to the present.

Marshall is finishing writing what Hartsock had said.

Marshall: Baker got quite a scar. Is yours from that battle too?

Hartsock puts his head down.

Hartsock flashbacks to a time before the war where he would enter bars and get into fights. Hartsock is seen fighting with the "loudmouthed lumberjack" he was talking about. Unfortunately in Earned in Blood, he is referred to as a drunken man.

Drunken Man: How dare you touch my wife!

The "lumberjack" uses his broken beer bottle to slice open Hartsock's left cheek, thus giving him a massive scar.

Back to the present.

Hartsock: Can we just talk about Hill 30, sir?

Chapter ends.

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