The Bookends is the first start of the EIB storyline with Sgt. Joe "Red" Hartsock and S.L.A. Marshall.


Bookends (Part 1)
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Game:Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Next mission:Roses All The Way
Date:June 21, 1944
Location:Near Cherbourg, France

Hartsock's introductionEdit

In the rain, Sergeant Joe Hartsock walks over to Col. S.L.A. Marshall's tent

Marshall: At ease, Sergeant. Have a seat. You want some coffee son? It's fresh. Well, as fresh as it gets around here.

Hartsock: Yes, sir. Haven't had a good cup o' coffee in three or four days now.

Red takes a big sniff of the coffee.

Hartsock: Smells great. Thank you, sir.

Marshall: Name and rank?

Hartsock: Sgt. Joe Hartsock, sir. Uh, well everyone calls me Red. So how long is this gonna take? Sir. I'd just like to get back to my men.

Marshall: Second?

Hartsock: Sir?

Marshall: You and your men are in 2nd squad, correct?

Hartsock: Oh! Yes, sir. 2nd took heavy losses in Carentan. I was with 3rd at the time-

Marshall: Under Sgt. Matthew Baker?

Hartsock: Sort of, yes sir.

Marshall raises an eyebrow.

Marshall: Sort of?

Hartsock: We were promoted less than twenty days apart. Carentan seemed so minor next to what happened in St. Sauveur.

Marshall: And you're first objective as a Sergeant was taking St. Sauveur?

Hartsock: Yes, sir.

Marshall: How did the drop go?

Hartsock drops his head, closing his eyes, remembering.

It is now Red's perspective of how the C-47 ride to Normandy went. An Flak 88 burst hits the right wing of the plane causing he and the other paratroopers in the plane to shake and wobble. Hartsock is standing behind Allen and Garnett and eleven others. He can see Mac and Baker in the front of the doorway.

Garnett: Let's get the hell out of here!

Allen: We gotta jump Sarge!

Mac: We wait for the green light!

Allen: We wait any longer, there won't be a fucking green light!

Mac: Baker! Stand in the door!

Mac shoves Baker in the doorway. Hartsock sees Baker looking on the ground below. Before long, another Flak burst hits the left wing of the plane, causing Baker to jump off.

Mac: Everybody out! Go go go!

One by one, the first three soldiers jump out of the C-47.

Back to the present, Hartsock has his head down.

Hartsock: Rocky.

Hartsock lifts his head.

Hartsock: There was so much smoke and fire we didn't even see Muzza.

Back in the plane, Muzza is lying on the floor.

Marshall: Muzza?

Hartsock: He was the last in the stick. Took a piece of flak in the chest. He was dead before we even noticed he was on the floor.

Back to present.

Hartsock: We just left him in the plane. Can we talk about something else, sir?

Marshall: Alright, tell me what happened after you landed in Normandy.

Chapter ends.

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