Bloody Gulch

Game:Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Previous mission:Bookends (Part 2)
Next mission:Eviction Notice
Date:June 13, 1944
Location:Near Hill 30, France


Hartsock's introductionEdit

Marshall: How intense would you say the fighting was?


Bullets and mortars were going off everywhere simultaneously around the beleaguered paratroopers of Fox Company. An unconscious Sergeant Matt Baker laid motionless as he had moments ago got hit from an incoming mortar. Private First Class Kevin Leggett goes to check up on him while bullets whizzed past him and the rest of the paratroopers with him including Mac and Hartsock.

Leggett: Christ. He's not moving!

Mac turns to Hartsock.

Mac: Hartsock! There's just too many of 'em. You have to cut off their reinforcements on the left flank or we're all dead. Then get your ass back here. We can't hold the line all God damn day.

Leggett: Baker looks pretty bad, Sarge!

Mac: Get moving! Paddock, you're with Hartsock!