Black Friday

Game:Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Previous mission:The Rabbit Hole
Next mission:Hell's Highway
Date:September 22nd, 1944
Location:Veghel, The Netherlands

Black Friday is a level on Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.


SEPTEMBER 22nd, 1944

The squads are stuck in traffic in their jeeps in the pouring rain.

Hartsock: How's your hand?

Paddock: Now, that's funny coming from you.

Friar smacks Paddock on the back of the head.

Paddock: Ow! What the hell was that for?

Friar: Doesn't feel like very long ago, does it?

Hartsock: I don't really notice it much, to be honest. Seems a mite selfish to get all worked up over losing a finger.

Friar: Where'd you put your wedding band?

Hartsock: I keep it around my neck. Erma'd send me back here on my hands and knees if I lost the damn thing.

Zanovich: I want five minutes with General Taylor to voice how little I like driving in columns like this!

Baker: Zano...what?

Zanovich: Might as well be on parade, we're so easy to pick off!

Holden: We're stuck in traffic. In a war.

Zanovich: I'm just saying, five minutes, and we don't get stalled out everything something gets broken!

Shots ring out and the squad debarks. Hartsock comes to talk to Baker.

Hartsock: Rendezvous at Checkpoint Eighteen. I think it's a café. Meet me there. Don't be late.

After fighting, another cutscene.

A Panzer tank rolls, crushing a stone wall.

Baker: Fall out! Move! Suppress that tank! As Jasper is preparing his bazooka to take it out, the Panzer is destroyed by Dickenson's tank. Baker approaches the friendly tank.

Baker: You need a hand?

Dickenson: We got separated from XXX Corps about an hour ago. Bloody Krauts aren't making it easy to find them. Think you could give us a hand gettin' up the road?

Player takes control of the tank and clears out Germans.

Dickenson: Thanks for the help, chap. I'll put in a good word for the Yanks.

Inside the café, Hartsock checks the food.

Hartsock: Most of it's stale.

Friar: Stale's good enough to eat.

Baker enters

Hartsock: Oh. Matt. I need to...uh, say something to you, about...

Baker: We should do this in private.

Hartsock: The men need to know what's going on.

Friar: What's going on?

Hartsock: Matt, you gotta admit what happened in the hospital was... You were dry-firing at a wall!

Baker: I wasn't exactly-

Hartsock: You were.

Campbell: So you're like...crazy, or bonkers or something?

Baker: No...I'm fine. It was one thing, Red!

Hartsock: Matt! I found you stumbling around a hospital!

Baker: I was looking for Franky!

Hartsock: Maybe, if you were in control of your men instead of always trying to be their best friend, they wouldn't need finding!

Outside, Corrion looks at the two arguing from outside of the café. German Mortar fire can be heard nearby. Suddenly, a shell hits the café, filling the building with smoke and flames.

McCreary: Mortars!

Corrion jumps in through the broken window and finds Baker on the floor.

Corrion: Baker! Oh, fuck...Baker, your face! We're getting you out of here!

Baker lays on the floor outside after being saved by Corrion

Baker: Red...Where's Red?

Corrion: Don't talk!

Elsewhere, Paddock and Roselli take an unmoving Friar out of the building as Corrion heads back in.

Paddock: Put him down! Put him down here!

Roselli: Is he ok?

Paddock: Just put him down! Look at me, Friar! Come on man, you're tougher than this! Look at me!

Corrion drags out Hatsock. He too, isn't moving.

Courtland: How bad-

Corrion: He...He ain't breathing. Give me room. Red...Red, I know you can hear me, Red. I-I need you to breath for me.

Corrion attempts Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Corrion: Red, you can breath. You just gotta try!

Courtland: Corrion-

Corrion: He's not dead. Don't fucking say it! Breath, goddamm it. Red, you gotta breath!

Courtland: Sam, we can't do anything more. We gotta move!

Corrion: No!

Corrion starts beating Hartsock's chest harder

Corrion: Come on, Come on. Come on, Joe. I said "Come on," Red!

Corrion hits Hartsock hard in the chest in final hopes of getting his Sergeant to breath. Hartsock begins to breath, albeit weakly. Hartsock may have survived, but Paddock and Roselli don't appear to have had as much success with Friar.

Paddock: We need to load up...and get him back to an Aid station. We're too banged up to do anything but hurt ourselves worse.

Roselli: Put Friar in the back of that-

Paddock: I got him.

Roselli: Sorry.

Paddock drags his deceased friend to the truck. Zanovich assists Baker with his walking.

Zanovich: How capable are you right now?

Baker: Enough.

Baker thinks to himself, sitting down.

Baker: I've demanded over and over, "take me and not them," but no one's listening. Franky was just a kid.

Ghost-Franky: I told you to stop calling me that.

Baker: And Red? I don't even know if he's gonna make it. Goddamn it. You can't have him.

Ghost-Hartsock: Another demand you can't possibly back up.

Baker: You...can't...have...him.

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