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The Assault Team usually consist of soldiers armed with M1A1 Thompson, M1 Carbine and in some cases, M3A1 Grease gun.

The assault team is one of two teams in an infantry squad featured in Brothers in Arms.

The assault team in Brothers in Arms is used flank an enemy position once they have been 'fixed' by suppressing fire from the Fire Team or the player. The assault team can also be used to supress the enemy if needed. However, their shorter ranged weapons have less effect in this manner than does the base of fire team or MG team in Hell's Highway. If you assault team is close enough, you can order them to throw a grenade, this will be much safer than charging toward the enemy position. Despite dedicated for assault, the team is still vulnerable from enemy fire, remember not to let the assault team charge the enemy until the they are completely pinned by you and your teammates. Also, charging your assault team to the enemy while most of them are still breathing is not wise either.

In Brothers in Arms, Assault team is most often equiped with Thompson Submachine gun, the M1 Carbine, and sometimes the M1 Garand. In Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood the assault team also features the M3 Grease Gun.

Road To Hill 30 Assault TeamEdit

^ = Killed In Action

Post Hell's Highway Assault TeamEdit

Hell's Highway TeamEdit

^ = Killed In Action

  • = Wounded In Action