Michael Garnett , Larry Allen

These two sharpshooters from 3rd Squad's Fire Team are the practical jokesters of the platoon. They always have a sly and sarcastic remark for every situation and seem to pride themselves on that fact. This is something that often gets on the nerves of Platoon Sergeant Greg "Mac" Hassay whom always clamps down on them after every smart mouth remark, though he seems to take special pleasure in making an example of Private Allen whom is the bigger loudmouth of the two.


Allen and Garnett met at High School and signed up at the same time and was put in the same platoon. They were great friends all the way through Baker's story.



allen and garnett with the cursed pistol minutes before death

In the mission "Buying the Farm" in Road to Hill 30 Allen and Garnett went with Leggett and attempt to flank the farmhouse by using a Pincer Move. While around the back the three were ambushed and Allen and Garnett were killed while Leggett survived. Hell's Highway revealed that Garnett was sniped while holding the 'death pistol' and Allen was shot in the stomach while shooting off Germans.

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