Sergeant Alexander "Beardy" Stuttle is the Tank Commander in Earned In Blood that goes with Doyle. When Hartsock next meets up with Doyle, Alexander gets blown up by the 88. But weirdly he is also seen in the mission Baupte as the Tank Commander and again, dies in the command of Doyle at the end of the mission. He was known for making small sarcastic comments at the German's every now and then. He rode a sherman and apparently was good friends with Doyle.


In the mission Baupte the Americans weren't expecting many Germans and instead two tanks rolled out where the Americans were standing, out in the open, and it fired paralizing Paige and killing Doyle; burning him to ash except for his 'All American's' badge. After Paige died from using the last of his strength to carry Hartsock to cover, Alexander rolled out into the open and quickly was blown up by 88.


  • He is killed In The Mission Baupte

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