Action at St. Martin

Game:Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Previous mission:Roses All The Way
Next mission:Three Patrol Action
Date:June 6, 1944
Location:St. Martin-de-Varreville



Hartsock's introductionEdit

Marshall: So you followed Lt. Col. Cassidy to his command post?

Hartsock: Yes, sir, I was trying to get word on Baker's location. I guess I got a little sidetracked.

Marshall: How so?

Hartsock: Well, in my experiences in the Army, sir- if you stand around long enough someone will send you somewhere. -And it's never a nice somewhere.


Doyle: Hey coporal, fall asleep? I scouted up ahead: we're in a bit of a pickle here. The good news is I managed to find some of my boys from 82nd. Still trying to round 'em up for the big push to St. Savour. This isn't even our sector.

Paddock: Yeah you're supposed to be finding some castle on the road to Cherbourg.

Doyle: Well, There's the bad news. They're banged up pretty bad. With any medical supplies, it's not looking good

Cassidy: Coporal, Sgt Bixby from second squad was killed this morning in the drop. Private err...

Friar: Err, Friar, sir.

Cassidy: Friar here was with him. I was told the Krauts have a makeshift aid station at the church at St. Martin. Bring all the bandages and plasma you can find. We need it now coporal, these men can't wait.

Doyle: Hartsock. Save my friends.


Hartsock takes Paddock and Friar up to some nearby houses and flanks some germans. After moving up and taking the german's positions the houses are cleared. But even after that many German's start circling the group of houses and moving in on the three. Hartsock must use them to pin the germans down while Hartsock leaves the area of houses to go flank the outside German's.

After they flank out the last big group of German's they secure the area of houses and when they've killed every German in the area they move out of the houses part and move up to some farm fields although some houses aren't to far off in the distance. They keep moving down the road flanking more German's along the way. They keep moving through St. Martin securing the area along the way. Finally Hartsock takes out the final German's guarding the St. Martin church. If you go inside you will notice it was a medical station for German's. You can hear some planes flying overhead. Doyle Shows up.

Doyle: Those must be Navy guns! Our boys must be landing soon! Brace yourself Red, I'm sure those sailors can aim!

The planes start bombing the area blasting smoke and dust all around the church.

Doyle: That shelling is going to put a hell of alot of krouts this way. I'll stick with you corporal.

After that you must get outside of the church and man the MG42 and shoot all coming German's. Once finishing that go to the walls of the church and move your men around alot to take out all coming German's. This part is very hard. After all nearby German's are cleared out you move out into the battlefield and take out the farther German's with Friar, Paddock, Doyle and Paige. 3 men Cassidy sent show up.

Campbell: Red! Cassidy sent three of us down here to help secure the area. That shelling gave us quite a scare.

Paige: Looks like the area's already secured.

Campbell: Yeah, I see that! Well Kernel also says Mac is on the road to Exit 4. We'll bring supplies back Red you go on ahead!

Mission Ends

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