The 70th Tank Battalion was a tank battalion of the United States Army active during the Second World War and the Korean War

It was formed as an independent medium tank battalion in June 1940, equipped with M2A2 light tanks, and began training for amphibious operations. It received M3 light tanks in 1941, and was redesignated the 70th Light Tank Battalion.


On D-Day, it landed on Utah Beach as part of the 4th Infantry Division, supporting the 8th Infantry Regiment led by Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.; companies A and B used amphibious DD Sherman tanks. It fought in the northward drive to Cherbourg, and in the breakout from St.-Lo, through France and into Belgium, entering Germany on September 13th. It fought in the Hurtgen Forest in November, and moved to the Ardennes in December, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. On March 29th 1945 it crossed the Rhine, and moved quickly through Germany, crossing the Danube on April 25th and ending the war near the Austrian border.

The battalion performed occupation duties until mid-1946, when it was deactivated; shortly thereafter, it was reactivated as a training unit at Fort Knox. In 1949, it was redesignated the 70th Heavy Tank Battalion and reduced to a three-company establishment.


Sergeant George Risner was the commander of an M5A1 light Tank in the 70th Tank Battalion during the D-Day landings. Jackson, tank commander for 3rd Squad after Risner's death was also form the 70th Tank Battalion. He was used every now and then since the level Saint-Côme-du-Mont and was seen once in Earned in Blood and lastly, there was another tank commander called Kilroy; you see him in RTH30 and he apparently commands Jackson. Kilroy and Jackson had M4A1 Shermans.

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