The 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the "Fuve-Oh-Deuce", was a regiment attached to the 101st Airborne Division during the Second World War.


On D-Day, Private Kevin Leggett tried to establish radio contact with the 502nd while preparing to embark on Objective XYZ, using the regiment's callsign "Kickoff".[1]

During Operation Market, they linked up with the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (the Five-Oh-Sink), where they were assigned to capture five bridges north-west of the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Notable Members Edit

  • Lieutenant Colonel Robert G. Cole
  • Lieutenant Colonel Patrick F. Cassidy
  • Lieutenant Colonel Steve A. Chappuis
  • Captain Robert Fazio
  • Captain Wilder
  • Lieutenant Homer J. Combs
  • First Sergeant Greg Hassay
  • Staff Sergeant Matthew Baker
  • Staff Sergeant Joseph Hartsock
  • Sergeant Franklin Paddock
  • Sergeant Bixby
  • Sergeant Craig Lewis
  • Corporal Jacob Campbell
  • Corporal Samuel Corrion
  • Corporal Thomas Zanovich
  • Corporal Patrick Kingsley
  • Corporal Thomas Mitchell
  • Technician 5th Grade Nathan Holden
  • Technician 5th Grade Robert Doran
  • Private First Class Timothy Connor
  • Private First Class MIke Dawson
  • Private First Class Jack Courtland
  • Private First Class Gary Jasper
  • Private First Class Simon Walton
  • Private First Class Dean Winchell
  • Private First Class Kevin Leggett
  • Private First Class Dale McCreary
  • Private First Class Stephan Obrieski
  • Private First Class James Marsh
  • Private First Class Harry Wheaton
  • Private First Class John Kings
  • Private Larry Allen
  • Private Michael Desola
  • Private Michael Garnett
  • Private David Muzza
  • Private Johny Rivas
  • Private Derrick McConnell
  • Private William Paige
  • Private Franky LaRoche
  • Private George Patyl
  • Private James Roselli
  • Private Thomas Locke
  • Private James York
  • Private Richard Doe
  • Private Nicholas Hooper
  • Private Reece Jameson
  • Private Boyd
  • Gideon


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